Our Story

CUR8 is founded on the principles of meaningful innovation and purposeful consumption – supporting emerging designers and established brands who are rethinking design to make a difference. We bring breakthrough products, insightful content, and leading edge technology together in one thoughtfully curated collection.

Designing Tomorrow

We believe that tomorrow’s design is rooted in smart, healthy, “made here” products.

• Smart: new Internet-connected devices and materials as well as product that is innovative in design or manufacturing method (such as 3D printing and biofabrication)
• Healthy: healthy for the person, the place, and the planet
• Made Here: sourced, crafted and available to local communities, no matter where your “here” may be

We at CUR8 are at your service around the clock to find, test, and present the very best of “what’s next” in design.

The Making Of

Our co-founders, Jasmine Jaco and Greg O’Neal, first worked together on the design of Jasmine’s dream home, known as Casa Juanita in Austin, TX, starting in 2013. The original house was built in the early 20s and, while outdated and in need of much repair, had a certain charm. While many in the neighborhood were tearing down little old houses to slap up big new construction, Jasmine and Greg wanted a more thoughtful and locally sensitive approach.

They worked to maintain the original character of the residence while adding a decidedly modern touch. Beyond aesthetic, though, they searched for product that was innovative, healthy, and, where possible, made in Austin. However, from the early days of framing to the final interior decisions, it was a constant struggle (and time drain) to find the best product on the market that meshed with their design sensibilities. It was here that the idea for CUR8 was born.

A little history on the characters… Greg’s 20+ year career transcends all things design from product, residential, and commercial design to international manufacturing, retail development, and trend forecasting. Looking for what’s next and what is missing in the marketplace is both a passion and the key to his longevity in the design marketplace.

Jasmine grew up in management consulting, ultimately assuming a leadership role as Managing Director in Deloitte’s retail and hospitality consulting practice. Her job was “looking around the corner” for some of the world’s largest companies and helping them adapt to rapidly evolving business landscapes. During the Casa Juanita design process, she kept asking Greg, “where are the sources for design innovation, the cool new collections of products for tomorrow’s home?” Turns out, there aren’t many (or any, depending on who you ask).

Curtain opens. Enter CUR8. Our raison d’etre is to bring you the best of what’s next in design. We don’t pretend to be the end-all-be-all of your sourcing options but to be the “and,” the complementary source you need to keep abreast of all the rapid innovation in the marketplace. We will be continuously looking around the corner and doing the legwork to curate tomorrow’s design for your business today.