Made Here: An Antidote to Amazon

We at CUR8 are dedicated to bringing you the best of “what’s next” in design – smart, healthy, made here product with purpose. It’s not by chance that we left “fast” and “cheap” out of our mission statement. However, we certainly appreciate the pressure that behemoth platforms like Amazon and Wayfair apply to today’s interior designers and we offer an alternative.

Competing in a race to the bottom

Consumers have unprecedented access to product with almost immediate delivery (and instant gratification). At the same time, manufacturers are racing to the bottom on price to compete. They’re commoditizing everything from sofas to “fine art.” So, what does this mean to the design community? Are high quality, artisanal products only viable for luxury buyers?

Not necessarily. In a world of product slinging, brands with an authentic, compelling story will find open ears (and wallets) across consumer demographics. One story continuing to gain momentum is “made here,” products designed and crafted locally. Part of our CUR8 mission is to bring you the best of what’s made here, brands and products that make a difference, no matter where your “here” may be.

Why buy products ‘Made Here’?

Local manufacturing benefits everyone involved, tells a great story, and is pretty great all around. Job creation, economic growth, skill development and a smaller carbon footprint are among the many benefits of buying product made here. But these ‘do good’ intentions aren’t the only thing fueling the resurgence of local manufacturing.

The new generation of brands making product locally is being driven more by aspirations of quality and innovation than by activism or patriotism.

We’re not talking about grandpa’s manufacturing methods either. Local brands are taking advantage of modern manufacturing technology including 3D printing and biofabrication to create unique and highly differentiated products. Some are even blending traditional craft with modern technology to produce products with great stories (the ultimate CUR8 score!).

It’s not just our team at CUR8 that loves innovative, high impact products made locally. Apparently, consumers do too. Last year, nearly 75% of global respondents to a Nielson survey said that a brand’s country of origin is as important or more important than other purchase drivers including selection and price. As for Americans, 8 out of 10 consumers would prefer to buy a product labeled “Made in America” and are willing to pay more for domestic products. As technology-driven manufacturing innovation continues to mature, however, they may not have to.

How can CUR8 help?

Of course, not all product made here delivers on the promises of quality, innovation, value, or doing good. CUR8’s goal is to bring designers the very best of locally made product from brands that mean something. We offer an antidote to the Amazons and Wayfairs of the world.

On CUR8 you won’t find thousands of products, rock bottom pricing, or 48-hour fulfillment (in most cases). Instead, we invite you to explore our highly-curated assortment of beautiful, high impact, pieces ‘made here’ from brands we love.

Check back often as we build critical mass in new geographies!

Know of a local maker in your area creating beautiful, innovative products? We’d love to hear about them. Tweet at us or shoot us a message on Facebook.

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