Off Broadway at Wanted Design 2017

While big trade events like Salone del Mobile, Maison & Objet, and ICFF foster product discovery and business networking, we at CUR8 have found offsite events that offer just as much, if not more, design inspiration.

WantedDesign is no exception. A platform to promote design, foster the international creative community, and showcase New York as a dynamic design destination, WantedDesign takes place in May during NYCxDesign in both Manhattan and Brooklyn.

From the activist orientation of Wanted Brooklyn, to the sheer innovation of emerging designers at Wanted Manhattan — we couldn’t get enough of WantedDesign this year.

Design Activism Alive in Brooklyn

Innovative design projects focused on battling real world problems greeted us the moment we walked through the doors at WantedDesign Brooklyn.  From a kit that battles mosquito-carried pathogens to products and organizations encouraging civic engagement, the Brooklyn event was a call to action.

Here were some of our favorites:

  • Masters of Fine Arts students at New York City’s School of Visual Arts imagine more human-focused design.
Fertig, Huggie Dougie Wanted Design Brooklyn
Doug Fertig, Huggie Dougie, Wanted Design Brooklyn

The Huggie Dougie by Doug Fertig is chair designed to snuggle and comfort children with mental health issues. This beautiful and functional design can be used to calm down children in a safe, easy way, or simply can be used by anyone who needs a hug.

Gahee Kang, OLA Drawing Messenger
Gahee Kang, OLA Drawing Messenger

Ola Drawing Messenger by Gahee Kang is an interactive digital design that encourages creative analog interaction between parents and children. Parents send a message, using their phone, to their kids who can draw, write, and color their answers before sending them back digitally.

Julia Lindpaintner, Carry the Cause
Julia Lindpaintner, Carry the Cause

In Solidarity by Julia Lindpaintner makes civic participation accessible to everyone, every day, with a tote bag that speaks your cause like a personal billboard that you wear on your shoulder.

  • The Hors Pistes creative exchange connects young designers with traditional craftsmen to learn, collaborate, and do good.
Christophe Machet & Maurice Nagalo, Toiture
Christophe Machet & Maurice Nagalo, Toiture

Toiture is an assembly of flip flop soles found on the waste tips of Burkina Faso. Without any additional materials, they are made into roofing tiles to protect those in need from the African elements. “If we reclaimed all of the flip-flop soles from waste tips, we could cover a surface area of over 100.000 m2 every year.”

Evelyne Ouedraogo & Sarah Viguer, Weke
Evelyne Ouedraogo & Sarah Viguer, WEKE

 Weke is a delightful, innovative bag made from recycled plastic bags and tires, also from waste heaps in West Africa

  • Alumni of London’s Central Saint Martins showcase a range of high impact design.
Di Peng, Dementia Simulator
Di Peng, Dementia Simulator

The Dementia Simulator lets wearers experience symptoms of the disease to increase empathy for newly diagnosed family members.

Innovation from Emerging Designers

We were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of innovation at this year’s WantedDesign events. Check out our favorites from both Brooklyn and Manhattan locations.

  • Ventura New York, the Dutch Edition, featured seventeen emerging Dutch designers
Danielle Trofe Design, Mush-Lume Cup Light Series

Danielle Trofe’s MushLume Lighting Collection is a great example of biofabrication. At this year’s Brooklyn event, Trofe launched the Grow-It-Yourself, Sustainable lampshade made from Mushroom®Materials.

3d printed rugs from Plott Studio
Studio Plott, 3D Printed Rugs, Milan Via Lambrate

Studio Plott creates innovative, open-patterned 3D-printed rugs and textiles.

Simone Post, Vlisco Recycled Rugs
Simone Post, Vlisco Recycled Rugs

Simone Post’s “Post Vlisco” collection of recycled Batik fabric rugs. Vlisco is a leading producer of batik fabrics for the African market that discards large amounts of fabric that doesn’t meet their standards. Post uses folding and cutting techniques to turn what was once waste into beautiful carpets.

3form & Louis Lim, Mobius Bench
3form & Louis Lim, Mobius Bench

3form and Louis Lim team up to create a captivating, interactive bench called Mobius. With innovative interplay texture, color, and light, this bench responds to pressure and touch.

Soundwall, Solstice
Soundwall, Solstice

Soundwall (seen above), a startup from Boulder, Colorado, combines art and music to deliver “eye-catching sound”. Soundwall let you stream music wirelessly from a customizable work of art.

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